Discovery Weyr

Discovery Weyr sits at the base of a large peninsula that juts out into the massive Weyrlake. With no risk of Thread, and with more riders and crafters coming in from Pern every day, Discovery Weyr has opted to abandon the traditional Weyr design for a more open layout. Wooden buildings can be assembled far more easily than stone-hewn caverns, after all, and there is plenty of room to expand.

Places of Interest

Main Complex

The primary seat of Discovery Weyr. This sturdy stone building is the only one currently equipped with electricity and running water. While not exactly roomy, the corridors are built wide enough to accommodate small whers as well as the typical traffic of weyrfolk. Includes the dining hall and kitchens, infirmary, council meeting chambers, and all the various necessities that keep a Weyr running.

Dining Hall and Kitchens

The east wing of the Main Complex is devoted to the large communal kitchens and dining hall, where almost all of the Weyr's residents take meals. It's surprisingly well-outfitted, for all that the rest of the Weyr is still pretty primitive. The kitchens have clean running water, and even a small cold storage room for meats and fresh dairy. The cooks are still adapting to the somewhat eclectic variety of ingredients available on the Green Star - they are encouraged to try to cook anything that's not actively poisonous, which means that some days the food is a little… weird.


A major priority for the first colonists of the Green Star. The west wing of the Main Complex is clean, well-lit and well-stocked, housing both the infirmary itself and also comfortable quarters for all the Weyr's healers. For non-human patients who don't fit inside, just outside the doors is a large open-sided structure of wood and oiled canvas, which will comfortably shelter wounded dragons.

Hatching Sands

The critical deciding factor in the placement of Discovery Weyr: while the nearby falls had plenty of caves for living space, there were none suitable to serve as a Hatching cavern. Without the geothermal-warmed sands of home, the goldriders have had to improvise. The Hatching Sands rest between the infirmary and the Candidate barracks, ringed by stadium-style raised benches. Pipes of heated water run below white sand carted in from the beaches, keeping the makeshift incubator at an even temperature. The whole structure is covered by a tall canopy and well-lit with glows… but that canopy was badly torn during the recent attack, making many riders question the wisdom of such an open and vulnerable location.

Landing Square

Serving largely the same purpose as the Weyrbowl back home, the Landing Square is a large open patch of field marked off by brightly colored stakes. It is where wings of dragons congregate for drills or patrols, where weyrling classes have their lessons, as well as where visitors to the Weyr first arrive. On special occasions, the square will be decorated for Gather-style celebrations.

Training Grounds

Beside the Landing Square is a marked-off ring of bare earth, where most lessons and sparring practices take place. There are benches and a large slate blackboard for written instruction, a target range for archers, dummies, and a small shed of blunted practice weapons. (The real weapons are generally kept close by their owners.) Lessons for both Candidates and weyrlings may be held elsewhere: dragon anatomy lessons are generally down by the lake, for instance, to allow for hands-on practice while bathing and oiling, and in cases of inclement weather most lessons may be moved indoors. But this is the common meeting area, if a different location is not specified.

Rider Weyrs

Serviceable, but hardly luxurious, rider weyrs will keep the rain off but not much else. They are ground weyrs, much like the style used on the Southern Continent: the riders get one-room wooden huts, set up on stilts to keep them dry during the rainier seasons, and the dragons get sand wallows with oiled-canvas roofs. Northern riders will find the downgrade particularly jarring.

Handler Quarters

The wherhandler quarters are actually below the main complex, excavated to give the photophobic whers a comfortable daytime refuge. The electric lights are dimmer for their inhabitants' comfort, just enough light for human eyes to navigate by. Thanks to the insulating earth, it's cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter than the rider's weyrs. There's not a great deal of head room, however, due to the underground nature of the quarters. Larger or more light-tolerant whers may opt to live with the riders instead.

Candidate Barracks

Just across from the Hatching Sands is a long row of plain wooden buildings, similar to the rider's weyrs but without dragon wallows. For once, Candidates may be pleasantly surprised. Space is in ample supply, so there's no need to cram everyone in. Candidates are strongly encouraged to take a roommate, to accustom them to life in close proximity with their fellow future riders. But they are free to choose those roommates to their own preferences (within reason) and some lucky folks can have a whole room to themselves.

Crafter's Lane

Just to the north of the Weyr proper, a river flows from Paradise Falls down to the Weyrlake. The hydroelectric generator that supplies the Weyr with power sits here, and many crafters have opted to claim the river's banks as their territory. For now, it's an eclectic assortment of workshops, living quarters, storage spaces, and all-of-the-above as smiths and techcrafters and tanners and more jostle for space. Only the beastcrafters have their own Hall, across the lake.

Dragon's Rest Tavern

As soon as the enterprising vintners who made the trip began to settle down, the Dragon's Rest sprang up almost organically. It serves as unofficial Vintner Hall, barring the establishment of a formal one: certainly, it is where exciting new spirits are tested on the public to gauge reactions. (Hazeberry wine did not go over well.) More broadly, it is an important social center, where weyrfolk and riders and handlers alike go to unwind. It seems to be open at all hours, improbably, due to a revolving staff that includes a fair number of wher trainees.

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