Surrounding Environs

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Discovery Weyr sits in an enormous, sheltered basin between three large mountain peaks, on a small peninsula that juts into an enormous freshwater lake. The basin itself is lushly forested, interspersed with bands of grassland suitable for grazing herdbeasts. The highlands surrounding the basin are somewhat cooler, more akin to the temperate forests of Pern's Northern continent, leading to three high snow-topped peaks. The weather in the basin is not quite tropical, as there are still discernible seasons: the summers are hot and almost intolerably humid, the winters mild with occasional unpredictable bursts of snow. Rainfall is high year-round, as the basin seems to 'catch' rainstorms as they blow in from the southeast.

Places of Interest

The Weyrlake: Dramatically larger than what passed as typical Weyrlakes back on Pern, Discovery's Weyrlake is closer in scale to the Great Lakes of North America. In addition to the typical uses - bathing dragons, swimming, general leisure - the lake is well-stocked with all sorts of interesting alien aquatic life. It's an important source of food for dragons who prefer fishing to hunting in the forests.

Hunting Grounds: The enormous basin in which Discovery Weyr sits is lush, warm, and filled with all manner of strange plants and animals. Whers may prefer to stalk the dense forests, while dragons may prefer to chase their prey over the open grasslands, but there are plentiful wild creatures for all. More than enough to supply the Weyr until the Beastcraft Hall gets its act together, anyway. There are some wild predators, but few that could pose a serious threat to a dragon. Still, Candidates should wander with caution.

Paradise Falls: To the north of the Weyr is a strange formation: a series of high stone cliffs, with a smaller and more secluded body of water at the very top. This smaller lake ultimately flows downhill and drains into the Weyrlake proper… but in between, it falls over the cliffs in a truly breathtaking series of waterfalls. These cliffs are pockmarked with strange caves, rough-hewn almost as if they were carved out rather than naturally formed. A few enterprising riders thought to use these caves as personal weyrs, but then they began finding paintings inside…

Beastcraft Hall: On the south shore of the Weyrlake lies the Beastcraft Hall, the first Crafthall established on the Green Star. It is a modest Hall, more a large collection of barns and paddocks than anything at the moment. Currently, due to the difficulty of transporting animals all the way from Pern, they have only a small breeding stock of imported species. The Beastcrafters set aside a small number of animals each spring to feed weyrlings and injured dragons who cannot hunt for themselves; the rest of the Weyr's dragons are expected to find their own food until the herds are large enough to support them. The Beastcraft Hall is also the center of preliminary efforts to tame a few of the Green Star's more promising native species.

Circle Sea And Beyond: Far to the southeast of Discovery Weyr, there is a much larger circular body of water. This inland sea is extremely salty, and separated by only a narrow strip of land from the larger ocean to the south. The Circle Sea is also home to aquatic life, but it tends to be… stranger… than that found within the relative safety of the Weyrlake. More hostile, more likely to be poisonous - or at minimum, more likely to bite back. The ocean beyond is almost entirely unexplored and should be approached with extreme caution.

The Mountains: The Pernese are not very inventive, on the whole. Three mountains around the Weyr? Let's name them after the Dawn Sisters! So the one to the north is Mount Yokohama, the one to the east is Mount Bahrain, and the one to the southwest is Mount Aires. They represent, roughly, the boundaries of known territory on the Green Star. They also represent how far a dragon can fly in a single day, and still have enough energy left to return via known between coordinates to the safety of the Weyr. Riders who venture beyond… well, mostly they don't return.

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