The Green Star

Geologically and ecologically speaking, the Green Star seems to be comfortably similar to Pern. The atmosphere is thinner but breathable, the plants and animals are unfamiliar but edible, and seasonal temperature changes (at least in the parts of the planet thus far explored) are within a tolerable range. Even the sun is a similar type of yellow dwarf star.

There are minor differences - the moon, for instance. There is only one, and it's enormous. The single moon is larger than both of the moons of Pern combined, with a proportionally larger tidal effect. Fortunately Discovery Weyr is on a freshwater lake, but riders have observed the ocean to the south, and watched its tideline change dramatically over the course of a day. Some Pernese techcrafters have surmised that there might also be heightened volcanic activity, but this hasn't been directly observed.

Gravity on the Green Star is slightly lower (90-95% of Pern's gravity). It's not extreme enough to have a dramatic effect on everyday life for a human-sized creature, but dragons find it notably easier to fly. People returning to Pern after spending a turn or more on the Green Star may find themselves feeling weaker than usual.


Theoretically, any dragon can make the trip between from Pern to the Green Star - as long as they are in good condition, and provided with adequate coordinates. In practice, some dragons will always be better at it than others. Dragons who show a particular knack for making the trip will often be designated as couriers, relieved of normal wing duties to allow them to be well-rested enough to make frequent trips. There is good reason behind it: while casualties are rare these days, inexperienced and over-exhausted riders have been lost forever.

Among other things, the trip last three times a normal jaunt: the span of nine breaths, instead of three. Human passengers can be given advance warning to hold their breath, and generally prepared for the stress of travel so that they remain calm and still. Whers are less comfortable with between than dragons, but can make the trip without major difficulty. Firelizards are a tricky case - they may follow their owners, depending on how well-trained and loyal they are, but they cannot be coerced to come, and a flit who refuses will simply go wild.

Other animals must be restrained and taken on dragonback, which is both difficult and dangerous for the animal. More than one beloved canine has slipped out of harness and been lost forever. (For this reason, Candidates coming to Discovery Weyr for the first time are strongly encouraged to give away non-firelizard pets to friends and family prior to making the trip.) The long jump between is extremely stressful, and runnerbeasts in particular have been known to panic and die of shock. A trained beasthealer can administer herbal tinctures to induce sedation, but given the difficulty and expense involved this is usually reserved for valuable breeding stock.

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