Timeline of Historic Events
  • Turn 2508: Start of 9th Pass
  • Turn 2522: Rediscovery of AIVAS brings the return of “modern” technology to Pern: printing, electricity, modern medicine, as well as the knowledge of the original colonists’ lost history.
  • Turn 2523: AIVAS’ plan to alter the orbit of the Red Star is successfully achieved, with assistance of white Ruth. Thread ceases to fall. (First divergence from canon: AIVAS does NOT shut itself down immediately after its plan is successfully executed, and continues to function in an advisory role to any craftmaster willing to make the journey to Landing Weyr for another full century before its solar panels finally give out.)
  • Turn 2558: Formal “end” of 9th Pass and beginning of 9th Interval - though technically Thread has not fallen for quite some time.
  • Turns 2558-2758: The Interval sees an AIVAS-accelerated industrial revolution Pern-wide, as new technology spreads across the planet on dragonback. There is some backlash from traditionalists, especially at first, but AIVAS is hailed by most as a savior. Mortality rates drop and literacy rates skyrocket, as medicine and reading materials become easily available. After Ruth’s death (of natural causes, at a ripe old age) the Weyrs begin examining “dud” eggs for potential signs of life, and greys become a rare but celebrated part of Weyr life.
  • Turns 2758-2808: All of Pern holds its breath in preparation - but the 10th Pass never begins. A population explosion begins in both Hold and Weyr. Brand-new Holds crop up across Pern, with people no longer limited to living in areas with adequate protection from Threadfall. Meanwhile, gold dragons across Pern react to the encroaching Red Star as they always have: with larger and more frequent clutches. This sparks some unrest, as the Holds no longer have a compelling reason to tithe to the ever-growing dragon population.
  • Turn 2808: On the Turn’s End that would have ended the 10th Pass, Pern’s Weyrs formally declare Thread ended forever. They immediately establish themselves a planetwide protection force, upholding the law and keeping the peace as a neutral party between Holds and Halls. They draw on centuries of tradition calling riders the heroes of Pern, which is enough to silence some, but not all dissent.
  • Turn 2831: The Master Minecrafter of Pern calls an emergency meeting with the craftmasters of Pern, warning them that the largest copper ore mine on Pern is almost completely depleted; the largest iron and coal mines are not far behind. Demand has risen steadily with the spread of electricity and other modern technology, and the Minecraft Hall simply cannot keep up. The craftmasters vote to keep this to themselves, so as not to cause a panic, but to enlist the dragonriders and wherhandlers to help them find new potential mines.
  • Turn 2854: Senior queen Malusth of Fort Weyr, stressed to the breaking point by overcrowding, tears two of her juniors out of the sky within the span of a single Turn. Shortly after, senior queen Duvaith of Telgar attacks and kills a visiting Ista gold. Without the typical casualties that would accompany a Pass, all the Weyrs of Pern are full to capacity, even with attempts to establish new Weyrs on the Southern Continent. The new Holds are reluctant to take on the burden of tithing, and the Weyrs are desperate enough to consider genetic engineering as a solution.
  • Turn 2856: The Weyrs of Pern reach an accord: they will consent to engineering their golden eggs to reduce future fertility, if only so they will never have to resort to culling hatchling dragons. Political pressure from progressive elements within Pernese society also encourages them to introduce more options outside the existing metallic hierarchy. Thus the first violets (less fertile, no territorial or dominance fights) and the reds (infertile, bronze-equivalent leadership) are born. The first yellows (infertile males, born from gold eggs) and chimeras (multicolored dragons) are also inadvertently created.
  • Turn 2860: Attempts to find new mines have produced only limited success. The Masterharper uncovers the original colonists’ survey and assessment of P.E.R.N.: Parallel Earth, Resources Negligible. The planet never had enough resources to support planetwide industrialization.
  • Turns 2861-2885: The beginning of the end. Demand for ores and fuel skyrockets. The Plastic-crafters manage to fill in the gaps to some degree, replacing metal with plastic wherever possible, but their synthetic materials also require petroleum as a raw ingredient. Larger Holds and Weyrs begin actively competing for resources: bribing miners, waylaying caravans, using wherhandlers as enforcers to ensure their precious cargo reaches its destination. Smaller Holds simply cannot compete.
  • Turn 2886: The resource war breaks out in earnest, after Telgar Hold marches on and occupies Crom, along with the Minecraft Hall. Soon enough the rest of the major Holds are forming alliances and marching wher patrols along their contested borders. The Weyrs try and fail to keep the peace; too many Holds now see the riders as spoiled elites, and no longer recognize them as an authority. Pernese society begins to crumble into lawlessness.
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