Timeline of Recent Events
  • Turn 2886: The resource war breaks out in earnest, after Telgar Hold marches on and occupies Crom, along with the Minecraft Hall. Soon enough the rest of the major Holds are forming alliances and marching wher patrols along their contested borders. The Weyrs try and fail to keep the peace; too many Holds now see the riders as spoiled elites, and no longer recognize them as an authority. Pernese society begins to crumble into lawlessness.
  • Turn 2890: Gold Hilayleth born at Benden Weyr, Impresses to Journeyman Harper Aulen.
  • Turn 2905: Aulen and another Harper, Imbri of blue Moxanath, discover a strange document buried in the AIVAS archives now housed at the Harper Hall. It details an emergency plan from the First Pass: a “refuge” from Thread in case the dragons fail to protect the planet and the population falls below a critical threshold. It includes betweening coordinates to this mysterious refuge, which was apparently never utilized due to the impossibility of evacuating the entire planet.
  • Turn 2906: Imbri and Moxanath successfully reach the refuge, which turns out to be an entirely new planet they call the Green Star. They share this information with a handful of other riders, recognizing an opportunity to start over, far away from the war.
  • Turn 2910: Junior gold #1 born at ??? Weyr. A potential new Weyr site is found on the Green Star, and named Discovery Weyr. Aulen formally declares her intent to move herself and Hilayleth to this new Weyr as its Senior Weyrwoman, and begins recruiting riders and crafters to accompany her.
  • Turn 2911: Discovery Weyr is formally established.
  • Turn 2912: Hilayleth lays the first clutch at Discovery Weyr, including junior gold #2, bronze Kesereth.
  • Turn 2913: Junior gold #1 lays her first clutch, including gold-blue chimera Chelth. Chelth’s fertility is not yet confirmed.
  • Turn 2914: Hilayleth is caught by young bronze Kesereth; Aulen declines to recognize R’uri’s leadership as new Weyrleader. Shortly after, strange avian creatures attack the Weyr while Hilayleth is clutching. The senior Gold is crippled and the Candidatemaster is killed while protecting his charges. With no Weyrleader and no Senior Weyrwoman, Aulen establishes a democratic Weyr Council, with herself as the gold Councilwoman. Game begins.
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