Weyrs of Pern

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Northern Weyrs

Fort Weyr

Weyrwoman: Erilene of gold Chaeth
Weyrleader: W'tir of bronze Hataldoth

Fort Weyr is thus far the only Weyr to openly declare war on its own former dependent Holds. Other Weyrs have joined the fighting elsewhere… but only at Fort has the conflict become civil war. The trouble is an excess of stubbornness among the leaders of Pern's oldest Weyr: Fort's dragons will not be debased with crude labor, nor will they humble themselves with begging. As the Holds no longer see fit to do their duty, Fort will put them in their place - and then take by force what rightfully belongs to the riders. This outlook has led to more ichor shed over Fort's territories than anywhere else on Pern.

Benden Weyr

Weyrwoman: Jedyr of gold Nosith
Weyrleader: L'ro of bronze Endath

Benden has avoided Fort's fate - narrowly. Tensions run ever higher with each passing turn, and war is always a possibility on the table, if negotiations fail. But Benden and Lemos continue to tithe, and the Weyr will not risk the lives of its precious dragons needlessly. For now, Benden remains the sleeping bronze wher that no one particularly wants to wake. It is one of the largest Weyrs on Pern, and Jedyr and L'ro make a point to posture: their fighting wings make an impressive sight, squadrons of bronze and brown heavy-laden with sacks of firestone. They can afford the show, as Benden's dragons have yet to engage in any real combat.

High Reaches Weyr

Weyrwoman: Aywin of gold Leonith
Acting Weyrleader: H'sia of red Rayachuth

High Reaches Weyr has successfully allied itself with its dependent Holds, in defense of Nabol Hold. Nabol boasts the second-largest mines on Pern, after Crom - and with Crom under Telgar occupation, that makes Nabol a tempting target. High Reaches dragons patrol the skies over Nabol constantly, while Tillek ships have made the long voyage to patrol Big Bay for signs of encroachment by water. High Reaches' former Weyrleader was recently killed by a wher from Ruatha Hold, leaving former Wingleader H'sia of red Rayachuth in charge. H'sia has performed her job admirably, and many are calling for her to keep her position despite her dragon's color.

Telgar Weyr

Weyrwoman: Shara of gold Ineeith
Weyrleader: N'bur of bronze Therisseth

Telgar Weyr is in a delicate diplomatic position at the moment. Telgar Hold retains control of Crom, and they show no interest in relinquishing the occupation anytime soon. Shara and N'bur make a great deal of noise about their duty as a peacekeeping force. They have engaged in a number of talks with the Hold's leadership, ostensibly to negotiate an end to hostilities… but a sharp eye will notice that Telgar Weyr receives regular shipments of metal ore, and that their generators are the best-kept on Pern. Perhaps this is due to the close proximity of the Smithcraft and Minecraft Halls. Certainly, no one would dare imply that the talks are being stalled by under-the-table dealing.

Ista Weyr

Weyrwoman: Kalie of gold Caesamyth
Weyrleader: D'lyn of bronze Garranoth

Ista Weyr has remained almost untouched. The ocean between Ista Island and the mainland would make it exceptionally difficult to muster a wher force of sufficient size to take on a Weyr, and there's little that Ista has to offer that can't be gained on less-inhabited portions of the Southern Continent. Of the six original Weyrs, Ista is the only one that has made serious inroads into converting to a Weyrhold. Kalie is very young to be Weyrwoman, promoted unexpectedly when the previous senior gold died of pneumonia. She has largely let D'lyn and Garranoth have their pet project, taking Southern and Landing as a model for Ista's future. Not everyone at Ista is thrilled about this.

Igen Weyr

Weyrwoman: Almedi of gold Yith
Weyrleader: B'jes of bronze Ocheth

Out of all the Weyrs, Igen's approach has been the most straightforward, and the most pragmatic: you work or you starve. Almedi is nearing seventy turns, B'jes not much younger, and frankly neither of them have time for young bronzeriders playing at war. To make matters worse, the Igen peninsula is in the grip of a serious drought. In the face of survival or starvation, Igen riders do what they must, and they do it without complaint. The Igen territories have grown accustomed to using dragons as couriers, heavy labor, and protection for traders - all in exchange for whatever the Holds can spare. Some Igen riders have even stooped to mercenary work, albeit not many.

Southern Weyrholds

Southern Weyrhold

Weyrwoman: Talindra of gold Nyssheth
Weyrleader: T'skel of brown Vorisoth

Southern Weyrhold was the first serious outpost established on the Southern Continent, and the ringleaders of the current isolationist movement. It is gold Nyssheth who forcibly grounds or ejects trespassers, and Southern's wings that patrol their territory. Weyrleader T'skel seems to be making up for his dragon's brown hide with an impressive excess of belligerence towards outsiders. They cannot protect the entire shoreline of the continent… but they can control a considerable portion of it, including the largest oil field on the Southern Continent. Pern doesn't have much petroleum to begin with - Thread was not kind when it came to fossil fuel formation - but what little it does have gets funneled straight to the Plastic-crafters.

Monaco Bay Weyrhold

Weyrwoman: Melica of gold Umaxeth
Weyrleader: S'gar of bronze Draeth

Monaco Bay is the smallest and humblest of the Weyrs; it has neither the weight of tradition that the original six boast, nor the distinguishment of being the first of the Southern Weyrs, nor the impressive AIVAS Archives to its name. And frankly, most of the riders there don't seem to mind. Being small and unassuming lets them get away with more without attracting notice. Monaco's traders have more or less monopolized the shipping routes between North and South, and S'gar is aggressively courting the dolphineers at Kahrain in hopes of getting the Weyrhold a proper dolphin bell.

Landing Weyrhold

Weyrwoman: Ketal of gold Azrath
Master Archivist: Pellor
Landing has always fostered a different breed: more collaborative, less authoritarian, with the boundaries between rider and crafter more blurred. As such, they have rejected the traditional Weyrleader model, where the mate of the senior gold takes charge of the Weyr. Instead, the second seat of power at Landing belongs to the Master Archivist. Landing is home to the Technician's Hall as well as the AIVAS Archives, a printed record of all the information stored in AIVAS' databanks, preserved just prior to the AI's final shutdown. This information - by far the largest library on all of Pern - is still in the process of being sorted and cross-referenced by a small army of Harpers and Techcrafters, all working by hand.

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